Former State Representative Mary Lou Dickerson 36th LD

“Roger Goodman is one of the brightest and most thoughtful legislators I’ve ever worked with. He has used his very strong analytical and political skills to get major bills passed, and he’s been particularly effective as an advocate for children and families. Roger is not afraid to take a courageous stand if it is based on common sense and will improve the quality of life for regular citizens. Roger Goodman is not bought and paid for by the monied interests.”


State Senator Bob Hasegawa 11th LD

“Roger Goodman is such an effective legislator. He seems to have passed more bills than anyone. Even more important is Roger’s progressive voice in the Legislature – I rely on him for thoughtful guidance on policies to support working families. We really need Roger Goodman in Olympia to promote our progressive values.”

State Representative Eric Pettigrew 37th LD

“I love Roger as a person and as a legislator. As the Democratic Caucus Chair, I see how effective Roger is behind the scenes in getting things done. He really cares about kids and families, and we need him in the legislature!”

State Representative Ruth Kagi 32nd LD

“Roger is clearly one of the most effective legislators in Olympia. His leadership in Early Learning has changed the policy landscape. We need Roger now as a champion for children in the legislature.”

State Representative Luis Moscoso 1st LD

“When I first arrived in the state legislature, Roger was more helpful and welcoming than anyone. He helped me feel like I could make a difference, which is why I went to Olympia. I have seen Roger succeed not only from the effort he has put into our work, but also in furthering our values.”

Former State Representative Al O’Brien 1st LD

“Roger Goodman thoroughly understands the law, which is so important when putting responsible legislation together. In protecting public safety, Roger has accomplished impressive work against domestic violence and reducing drug abuse. He knows the importance and the value of prevention. Roger is smart and hard working, and he’s also a gentleman.”

State Representative Cindy Ryu 32nd LD

“Since I arrived in the legislature I have had many chances to work with Roger Goodman and I have found him to be very responsive and hard working. Roger actually shows up to work. He is very professional in how he handles legislative matters, yet he is also very approachable and a pleasure to work with. More than anything, I have seen Roger do the necessary follow-up, work which makes him an extremely effective legislator.”