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Goodman Sponsors a Bill to Outlaw Marital Rape. House Bill 1108 will right a legislative wrong.

Horse’s Ass, January, 2013



Goodman named chair of House Public Safety Committee

Redmond Reporter,  December 11, 2012


Drunk Driving Law Sponsored by Rep. Hurst Signed into Law

Bonney Lake-Sumner Patch, April 7, 2012


DUI Law Costs State Nearly $12 Million a Year

Publicola, April 6, 2012


New Law Cracks Down On Drunk Drivers

KGMI Radio, March 26, 2012


Rep. Goodman’s reforms on DUI accountability, domestic violence protections, others signed into law

Kirkland Reporter, April 5, 2012


Early Jolts: More hope for a Seattle NBA team?

Publicola, March 30, 2012


Goodman’s landmark garnishment reform heads to Governor (Goodman)

Kirkland Reporter, March 22, 2012


Witness the anger

Publicola, March 21, 2012


New Law Makes Life Harder For Drunk Drivers With Kids In The Car

Seattle Medium, March 21, 2012


Law targets drunk drivers with child passengers

Whidbey Examiner, March 19, 2012


New DUI law stiffens penalties, opens records

Whidbey Examiner, March 19, 2012


How Kirkland legislators voted in the 2012 session

Kirkland Reporter, March 19, 2012


Drunken drivers’ death toll is high

The Seattle Times, March 17, 2012


New DUI law stiffens penalties, opens records

Auburn Reporter, March 14, 2012


New DUI law stiffens penalties, opens records

Central Kitsap Reporter, March 14, 2012

New DUI law stiffens penalties, opens records

Kent Reporter, March 14, 2012


Special Session Day 1: Don’t blink…

The Spokesman Review, March 12, 2012


Corporate responsibility: Social purpose corp law approved by Wash Legislature

Examiner.com, March 9, 2012 (Re: HB 2239 and HB 2302)


Unanimous passage for bills to make DUI’s more costly to the convicted

KIMA, CBS TV, March 9, 2012


The High Road (I-502)

Seattle Weekly, March 7, 2012

Legislature approves Goodman’s bill on restorative justice for juvenile offenders

Kirkland Reporter, March 5, 2012


Diverse new 1st District a political battleground

Everett Herald, March 4, 2012


Drunks who kill on road will face tougher penalties

Seattle PI, March 3, 2012


Marriage for all

Sammamish Review, February 29, 2012


Washington Pharmacy Regulations Ruled Unconstitutional & DUI Bills

KUOW, Feb. 23, 2012


Wash. Lawmakers Propose New DUI Penalties

NW Public Radio, Feb, 23, 2012


Wash. Lawmakers Want To Pull Over Drunks Who Kill

KUOW NPR, Feb. 22, 2012


Operational flexibility would help University of Washington

The Seattle Times, February 22, 2012


Lawmakers chat with the people

Sammamish Review, February 22, 2012


Lawmakers seek to toughen DUI-related laws

Seattle Times, Feb. 21, 2012


Bill allowing DNA collection dies

Bellingham Herald, Feb. 16, 2012


Driving While Huffing: Not Currently a DUI in Washington, But Could Be Soon

Seattle Weekly, Feb. 15, 2012


House passes Goodman bill to combat metal theft

Kirkland Reporter, February 15, 2012


Opponents kill DNA bill at ’11th hour’

The Olympian, Feb. 15, 2012


House passes Goodman bill to combat metal theft

Kirkland Reporter, February 13, 2012


State judges’ lobbying stops stalking bill

Bellingham Herald, Feb. 10, 2012


Friday Jolt: Stalking and … Birds and Small Animals?

PubliCola, Feb. 10, 2012


Denise’s story: Rape victim’s case leads to proposed court rules changes

Q13 Fox TV, Feb. 9, 2012


Anti-stalking measure stalls in Legislature after judge’s criticism

Seattle Times, Feb. 8, 2012


Liveblogging the Washington State House Debate and Vote in Favor of Gay Marriage

The Stranger, Feb. 8, 2012


Josh Powell 9-1-1 tapes released

Fox News, Feb. 8, 2012


Attorney: Powell visitation circumstances ‘very unusual’

Q13 FOX, Feb. 7, 2012


Let’s hold drunk drivers more accountable | Rep. Roger Goodman

Kirkland Reporter, Feb. 3, 2012


Bill in Legislature seeks to curtail spike in copper thefts

Sammamish Review, Feb. 1, 2012


Eastside pastor vows to fight same-sex marriage legislation; Kirkland officials support bill

Kirkland Reporter, Jan. 31, 2012


How did Kirkland legislators vote in the 2012 session?

Kirkland Reporter, Jan. 27, 2012


Two Bills Address Domestic Violence, Stalking

Publicola, Jan. 26, 2012


Legislators Pushing For Crackdown On Scrap Metal Theft

Publicola, Jan. 25, 2012


Rep. Roger Goodman (D-Kirkland) discusses new DUI proposals

KIRO Radio, Jan. 17, 2012


Kirkland wife of DUI victim pleads in favor of new legislation that aims to stiffen penalties

Kirkland Reporter, Jan. 4, 2012

Bill banning developers from collecting ‘private transfer fees’ gets committee nods

Bellingham Herald, 2011