Pioneering Four-Year Program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Our area has a shortage of workers trained in technical disciplines, especially in high-tech and medical fields. Roger passed legislation (HB 1885, Chapter 166, Laws of 2008, enacted as companion SB 5104) allowing Lake Washington Institute of Technology to offer a four-year degree program in applied science, for which Roger also secured the needed funding. This successful program is already implemented at some community colleges around the state, and this is the first technical college program of its kind in our state and an opening for those working to pursue additional education, as well as helping local businesses by supplying skilled new talent.

Leading the Effort to Reduce Class Sizes in Public Schools

In 2014 Roger sponsored HB 2589, a measure to reduce class sizes throughout the public school system. Knowing that “class size counts,” Roger followed the compelling research that links students’ academic achievement with class sizes in school, along with the quality of the teacher and the level of parental support for students. After Roger championed this effort in the Legislature, the language of his bill was put on the ballot as an initiative to the people of Washington, Initiative 1351, which received a majority vote statewide and was enacted into law Roger has led the Legislature to enact more than a dozen bills related to education, child health and welfare and juvenile rehabilitation: (more…)

Strengthening Education, Child Welfare and Juvenile Rehabilitation

Championing Early Learning

The evidence is clear that early childhood education programs are the very best investment of our tax dollar. Kids who are not ready for kindergarten fall behind right away and need extensive remedial education, and are more likely to drop out of school later, costing all of us to clean up the mess at the other end.  Roger has been a leader in the Legislature in enacting bills to expand access to high-quality early learning programs for all of Washington’s kids, helping to ensure that pre-school programs are available to kids at risk, helping them prepare for success in school and in life. (more…)

Making Us Safer on the Roads, in Public Places and in our Homes

As Chair of the House Public Safety Committee and also as a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, Roger has worked successfully to enhance public safety. Roger is especially distinguished for his work to reduce drunk driving and domestic violence, which are the greatest sources of harm in our society. He has passed more than a dozen pieces of major legislation to address these chronic problems and his work in this area has earned him national acclaim.

Roger Goodman to Receives The 2018 Disability Rights Washington Public Policy Award

This prestigious award honors people who are breaking barriers to a more equitable world for Washingtonians with disabilities.

From the announcement: “Last session, Representative Goodman worked closely with the Coalition for an Independent Corrections Ombuds, a group that includes formerly incarcerated people, family members of incarcerated people, community advocates, and faith-based organizations to create an Independent Corrections Ombuds in Washington. (more…)