Throughout my service in the Legislature, I’ve been able to work effectively for common-sense solutions that matter to Eastside families, particularly supporting our great public schools and expanding opportunities for higher education, as well as strengthening our response to the growing problem of mental illness.

I strive to rise above partisanship to forge practical solutions with a common-sense approach. I’m not beholden to the party machine or the thundering herd of lobbyists at the Capitol. I listen to you and I speak with an independent voice, using my knowledge and experience to get things done. I remain accessible and responsive and I keep my focus on preserving and enhancing the very high quality of life in our area.

It’s difficult to describe in words the sense of responsibility that comes with serving you in the Legislature. I truly appreciate what an honor it is to represent you! Please share your comments and concerns with me and I’ll continue to be in touch. With the election soon approaching, I hope I can count on your vote this year. Thanks very much for your support, and please stay safe and healthy!