House Public Safety Committee Chair pledges to continue work keeping Washingtonians safe, while playing important role in Covid-19 recovery

KIRKLAND—State Representative Roger Goodman has filed for re-election. The Democrat, who chairs the House Public Safety Committee, has been a leader throughout his career on protecting the lives and property of Washingtonians while promoting smart, equitable reforms in our state’s justice system. “I stand by my record of public service — as a public safety leader and advocate for families, small businesses and our quality of life,” said Goodman. “As we face the challenges of COVID recovery, we’ll need proven, consistent leadership to help address complex issues that directly impact our health and safety. I look forward to these challenges, and building on my record of results.” Specific to criminal justice and public safety, the COVID pandemic has led to the release of many non-violent offenders, for their own safety and the safety of prison personnel and other inmates. Goodman sees the need to adopt policy around these emergency procedures, to both address historic inequities in our criminal justice system, and also make sure that there is accountability and thoughtful application of either reduced or deferred sentencing moving forward.
“The virus is forcing our hand to some degree with the way we approach reforms to sentencing and restorative justice,” said Goodman. “With the need for distancing and protection of health in our jails, courtrooms, and within law enforcement, we need both immediate adjustments, and long term solutions that maintain peace of mind, assist victims with recovery, and help first time and non-violent offenders pay their debts without risking health, counseling, job training and other restorative services.” Aside from his leadership in criminal justice and public safety, Goodman points to his work as an advocate for quality eastside schools, ongoing support for working families, and engagement with local government leaders as areas of continued focus in the upcoming term. “I’m a proud public school dad, and have always made our schools a centerpiece of my work in Olympia—as an advocate for funding, teaching pay, and making sure all kids have a pathway to success,” said Goodman. “Now more than ever, it will take creativity and focus to address coronavirus disruptions and helping kids and families return this fall safely and with proper precautions, as well as prepare for any future interruptions. We also need to step up for workers and businesses hurt by the economic slowdown, and our Eastside cities straining under an increase in services while tax receipts diminish. All of this requires the kind of steady, thoughtful leadership I try to bring to complex issues in our state.” Goodman’s campaigns are typically centered around meeting voters at their doors, and hosting small events throughout the district, something that may not be possible in the coming months. Instead, he says, he will find new ways of reaching out to his 45th District constituents. “I’ve always relied on the input of voters and community leaders to help shape my priorities and solve problems in our region,” said Goodman. “Without the ability to knock on doors, I’ll be making calls and reaching out via social media, but I invite people to get in touch with me anytime. I’m always here to help, and look forward to continuing my service to our communities.” =30= — Mari Neubauer NWP Consulting c: 202-503-8265 105 S Main St, Suite 332 Seattle, WA 98104