Roger has convened working groups of experts to deal with the chronic problem of domestic violence and sexual assault, seeking advice and guidance from prosecutors, law enforcement, judges, treatment programs and victims and their advocates.

This work has resulted in major pieces of legislation, helping law enforcement respond much better at the scene of a domestic dispute, giving courts better and more timely information about perpetrators and victims, improving the enforceability of no-contact orders and protection orders, and also toughening criminal penalties:

In 2014 Roger received national attention for his successful effort to get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Too many times, abusers were ignoring domestic violence protection orders against them and then seeking retribution with firearms by killing or grievously injuring their partners or spouses.

Roger worked with law enforcement, victims and survivors of domestic violence – and even the gun lobby – to craft HB 1840 (Chapter 111, Laws of 2014), which was one of the most significant gun safety measures in a generation.

This measure required the removal of firearms from those subject to protection orders and criminal no-contact orders in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and other cases where the assailant is deemed to continue to be a credible threat to the victim. Roger’s work in this regard has literally saved lives.

Other important measures in this area of law which Roger has led the Legislature to enact include: