Discussion of the current state of criminal sentencing, law enforcement training and more with Reps. Roger Goodman and Jaquelin Maycumber.

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Roger speaks on the 2018 Legislative Session; the legal challenge to a deadly force initiative deal.


Police shooting energizes efforts to change Washington’s deadly-force law

The death of Charleena Lyles at the hands of Seattle police underscores efforts to change the Washington state’s deadly-force law. An initiative is soon expected, and lawmakers in Olympia are still trying for a legislative fix.


Last Tuesday, Representative Roger Goodman’s Vulnerable Adult Bill (HB 1153) was passed by a unanimous vote. Rep. Goodman said he hopes the measure will result in giving “victims the justice they deserve, and making sure their abusers are held accountable for their crimes.”

“I can’t imagine the federal government using limited resources to try to bring down a new, regulated system that has worked so well,” said state Rep. Roger Goodman, D-Kirkland. “Prohibition was an unmitigated failure. The war on drugs is already winding down, and this administration will try to ramp it up again at its own peril.”

Prosecution of Police Use of Deadly Force Dominates Task Force Discussion. Roger is Task Force Chair.