Roger recently passed HB 1070, which will bring in millions of dollars from new business transactions into the state’s economy.

Roger also led the Legislature to enact a major reform of Washington’s wage garnishment laws (HB 1552, Chapter 159, Laws of 2012).

After two years of tough negotiations, Roger brought together small and large businesses, collection agencies, consumer groups and the courts to achieve a win-win solution for all parties.

Businesses now avoid needless paperwork and receive moneys owed to them faster; courts have withdrawn unnecessary oversight yet have preserved essential due process in garnishment proceedings; collection agencies are able to sustain a workable business model; and low-wage workers are better able to pay back their debts without losing their housing or running short of funds for food and necessities.

This legislative effort is one of the most successful examples of Roger’s collaborative problem-solving style of leadership.

Roger sponsored and passed HB 1745 (Chapter 57, Laws of 2011, enacted as companion SB 5574), the product of further negotiations between consumer groups and collection agencies to revise methods of debt collection and ensure their fairness.

Each year Roger has been able to secure important state appropriations to help our local businesses and non-profit organizations,