Roger has led the Legislature to enact many other measures to enhance public safety  — especially to improve our preparedness and responses to emergencies and natural disasters.

In 2014 the town of Oso in Snohomish County was devastated by a massive landslide, instantly killing 43 residents, destroying a state highway and causing floods in the region.

A flaw in state law prevented local fire services from entering the disaster zone to set up emergency operations. Working with the state’s fire chiefs and fire commissioners and the Washington State Patrol, Roger sponsored and led the Legislature to pass:

HB 1389 (Chapter 181, Laws of 2015), which expands the critical life-saving role of our fire services in response to all natural disasters, including landslides, earthquakes, floods and windstorms, and not just disasters involving fire. After the destructive windstorm in December of 2006, Roger sponsored and passed

HB 2053 (Chapter 223, Laws of 2008), a bill providing tax credits to gas stations for installing backup generators. This program allowed gas stations to stay open during power outages to make fuel available to keep people mobile and home generators running.  Roger’s many other public safety measures enacted into law have included:

HB 1047 (Chapter 61, Laws of 2015), requiring all state agencies and statewide officials’ offices to complete and renew “Continuity of Operations” plans in preparation for disasters.

Photo By: The National Guard
  • HB 1552 (Chapter 322, Laws of 2013), a major bill to reduce metal theft, with new transaction and licensing requirements for the scrap metal market, and tougher criminal penalties.
  • HB 1126 (enacted as budget proviso to SB 5034, Chapter 4, Laws of 2013), providing that fire services may be deployed as part of all statewide disaster mobilizations and not only fires.
  • HB 1059 (Chapter 21, Laws of 2013, enacted as companion SB 5025), making emergency proclamations effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature
  • HB 2615 (Chapter 47, Laws of 2012, enacted as companion SB 6470), allowing for municipalities that annex unincorporated county areas to increase fire protection service for the new area.
  • HB 2570 (Chapter 233, Laws of 2012), increasing penalties for metal theft, a growing problem for public utilities, farms, and businesses in our community.
  • HB 1923 (Chapter 294, Laws of 2011), requested by Washington’s Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, tightening the background check requirements for concealed pistol licenses.
  • HB 1362 (Chapter 387, Laws of 2009), increasing penalties and impounding the vehicles used by those who solicit street prostitutes.
  • HB 1263 (Chapter 28, Laws of 2009, enacted as companion SB 5190), strengthening community supervision of offenders released from prison.
  • HB 1892 (Chapter 242, Laws of 2007), allowing the immediate impoundment of unused vehicles with expired plates from public roadways.