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News coverage of police deadly force law (videos)

Published on February 3, 2017,
 c Lawmakers want to lower bar to prosecute police in use-of-force cases


OLYMPIA, Wash. — A new push in Olympia is underway to change the state’s use-of-force statute. Some lawmakers want to change the way police officers are trained, investigated and prosecuted in Washington. Supporters of the measure say a police officer has not been convicted of using deadly force since 1986 and they blame the state’s current statute.

 a Passionate testimony over police deadly force law


The Pierce County Prosecutor said Lakewood officers were justified in killing Daniel Covarrubias because he appeared to be threatening them with a gun that turned out …

 b Debate in Olympia: Should it be easier to charge a cop in deadly force case?


OLYMPIA, Wash. — Families of people who have been killed by police officers urged state lawmakers Tuesday to change the law protecting officers from being charged with a crime. The cops, however, say any change in the law leaves them wide open for prosecu