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Published on July 18, 2013,

State Senate approves scaled-back overhaul of DUI laws Seattle Times June 26, 2013
End of Session DUI Interview with Roger TVW – “The Impact” April 28, 2013
State House panel delays vote on scaled-back DUI bill Seattle Times April 24, 2013
DUI Bill Interview with Roger
TVW – “The Impact” April 24, 2013
New Ideas Aimes at Toughening DUI Laws Raised Q13 Fox News April 23rd, 2013
Law enforcement, local officials question feasibility of Inslee’s DUI proposal Seattle Times April 18, 2013
Last Minute Legislative Push is on for New DUI Measure Q13 Fox April 18, 2013
State House Democrats ‘seething with anger’ after Senate kills gun control bill Seattle Times April 17, 2013
Recent Tragedies Spur Lawmakers to Eye Crackdown on Drunk Driving KOMO4 April 18, 2013
Inslee, state lawmakers unveil new bill to toughen DUI laws Q13 Fox April 17, 2013
Roger Speaking at the Governor’s News Conference on DUIs
TVW April 16, 2013
Photo of Roger delivering remarks at Governor’s News Conference KIRO7-TV April 16. 2013
Inslee to unveil plan for 10-year alcohol prohibition after 3rd DUI Seattle Times April 16, 2013
Angry Governor urges action on DUI legislation King 5 April 9, 2013
Push in Olympia to strengthen state DUI Legislation KING5 TV April 11, 2013
State lawmakers, governor meet on tougher DUI legislation Q13 Fox April 11, 2013
Lifetime driving bans among stiffer penalties mulled for DUIs KOMO News April 9, 2013
What to do if you encounter a wrong-way driver KING5 TV April 5, 2013
What can be done to try to curb fatal DUI accidents? Q13 Fox April 4, 2013
Woman hit by suspected wrong-way drunk driver dies; State Rep. calls for DUI law change Q13 Fox April 4th, 2013
Mourners take to the streets to remember victims of fatal crash KOMONews April 1st, 2013
Dui Driver in Fatal Accident was Nearly Three Times Over Legal Limit Q13 Fox March 26th, 2013

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