Dear Neighbor,

We are facing unprecedented challenges these days, with a new threat to our health and the resulting severe economic hardship for many. Schools and most businesses have been closed and we’re just now beginning to emerge from our long period of quarantine in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I wish we could celebrate the burst of good weather, as summer is just around the corner. But this year we won’t be going to Little League games or big concerts or watching the 4th of July parades and fireworks, and crowded restaurants, salons, gyms and retail shops are a distant hope.

While serving you in the Legislature I’ve continued to pass important measures to reduce deaths and injuries from domestic violence, sexual assault and drunk driving, saving literally thousands of lives in the past several years. As Chair of the House Public Safety Committee, I’m one of the few legislators with expertise in criminal law and the justice system, and I’ve worked hard to keep people safe in our homes, schools and public spaces.

I’ve been able to work effectively for common-sense solutions that matter to Eastside families, particularly in support of our great public schools and expanding opportunities for higher education, as well as strengthening our response to the growing problem of mental illness.

I’ve lived up to my promise to rise above partisanship to forge practical solutions with a common-sense approach. I’m not beholden to the party machine or the thundering herd of lobbyists in Olympia. I listen to you and I speak with an independent voice, using my knowledge and experience to get things done. I remain accessible and responsive and I keep my focus on preserving and enhancing our high quality of life here on the Eastside.

It’s hard to describe in words the sense of responsibility that comes with serving in the Legislature. I truly appreciate what an honor it is to serve you! Please share your comments and concerns with me and I’ll continue to be in touch.

Please stay safe and healthy in these challenging times. When the election rolls around I hope I can count on your vote this year. Thanks very much for your support!

No Baby Kissing This Year

COVID-19 will make this a very different campaign from usual. Still, I need to hear from you. Listening to you is a critical part of my job. You keep me updated on what’s going on in our area, and by gathering your input I can become more effective for you at the State Capitol. I want to make sure I’m in tune with your values and your priorities so I can represent you well. One way or another, even if I’m not able to visit you personally at your door, I will be reaching out to get your input and inform my work in representing you. Please sign up to get on our mailing list. We will be in touch.