Representative Roger Goodman

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    Roger Receives The 2018 Disability Rights Washington “Breaking Barriers” Award

    This prestigious award honors people who are breaking barriers to a more equitable world for Washingtonians with disabilities.

    Disability Rights Washington presents this award to an elected official or public servant who has made very significant contributions to the rights of people with disabilities in Washington State.

    Public Policy Award: Representative Roger Goodman

    Come celebrate and honor Roger during our the DRW event at the Panoramic Center at Seattle’s Pacific Tower, on September 29! (just follow the link and click on “Buy Tickets” in the header.)

    From the Announcement: “Representative Roger Goodman is completing his sixth term in the Washington State Legislature, representing the 45th District, which includes the Seattle suburbs of Kirkland and Redmond. Representative Goodman is Chair of the House Public Safety Committee, with oversight of the criminal justice system. He is also a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee. DRW recognizes Representative Goodman this year for his vitally important public policy work in addressing policing and mass incarceration, issues that disproportionately impact communities of color and people with disabilities.

    In 2016, Representative Goodman led a joint legislative task force–of which Disability Rights Washington was a member–that examined police training and response and the standards for accountability following the use of deadly force. Due in large part to Representative Goodman’s work, during the 2017 legislative session the House Public Safety Committee advocated for many recommendations issued by the task force. Later, those same recommendations were championed by De-escalate Washington, a diverse stakeholder group that spearheaded Initiative 940 to put changes to police accountability on the ballot. Despite the anticipated difficulties in finding common ground between De-escalate Washington and statewide law enforcement groups, Representative Goodman was instrumental in bringing both sides to the table to reach agreement on controversial issues. His dedication continued through his work with House and Senate leadership to get this proposed language through the legislature in the final days of session.

    Last session, Representative Goodman also worked closely with the Coalition for an Independent Corrections Ombuds, a group that includes formerly incarcerated people, family members of incarcerated people, community advocates, and faith-based organizations to create an independent corrections ombuds in Washington. Now, after ten years of advocacy, a Corrections Ombuds Office will be established within the Office of the Governor to provide much-needed oversight in our state prisons and assistance to incarcerated people and their families. We recognize and honor Representative Goodman’s ongoing work to divert people with disabilities from the criminal justice system and to improve the lives of people affected by that system, including disabled Washingtonians.”

    Congratulations, Roger!

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    State Representative Roger Goodman, 45th District



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